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Reduce your waste output with these eco-friendly alternatives. (Source: iStock)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your kitchen? You’re probably thinking of all of the wonderful meals you prepare with your loved ones, as well as the communal feeling we get when we share food with others. What would you think if we told you that the kitchen is also a wasteful space?

According to the University of Colorado’s Environmental Center: “..upwards of 50% of the total amount of food that is wasted comes from our own kitchens.” Not only that, but think of all of the single-use plastics and papers that are used up and thrown away in our kitchens.

If you want to turn the tide in your own home, then a great place to start is by turning the kitchen into a more environmentally friendly space. Check out these eco-friendly and affordable products listed below.

Do your part for the environment for less than $20 with these products

Do your dishes totally guilt-free with this set of eco-friendly cleaning products. (Source: Amazon)

$12.79 at Amazon

This wooden dish and brush set is perfect for those who want to create a low-waste, environmentally friendly kitchen. It’s made entirely from responsibly sourced beech wood and natural fibers, it’s recyclable and it’s mostly compostable. In short, you can be sure to wash your dishes feeling totally guilt-free with this super neat product.

From snacks to sandwiches, using these reusable storage bags is better for the environment. (Source: Amazon)

$14.99 at Amazon

These reusable storage bags are perfect for snacks, sandwiches and so much more. They’re made entirely of food-grade silicone material and they’re also free from BPA, chloride, lead and PVC, making them safe to use. These bags are completely leakproof and made to reduce freezer burn. They’re super easy to wash, so you can reduce your plastic waste and use them over and over again

Wash the dishes with these fully biodegradable sponges for an environmentally friendly experience. (Source: Amazon)

$13.99 at Amazon

These sponges are 100% natural and made entirely from plant-based materials. The scrubber is made from coconut fibers and the sponge is made from wood cellulose, so you can know exactly where your eco-friendly sponges come from. They’re super durable and sure to last a long time. Once you do finally throw them away, you can rest assured that they’ll naturally biodegrade and won’t harm the environment.

Keep your food fresh with these natural beeswax food wraps. (Source: Amazon)

$14.99 at Amazon

Reduce your plastic waste output by using these beeswax alternatives for plastic wraps and bags. When using them, the warmth from your hands softens up the wax, making it easy to mold for the perfect fit. Once they’ve cooled down, they create a seal that’s super sturdy and sure to keep your food fresh. They’re organic, biodegradable and totally safe to use on your food.

These dish towels are absorbent and biodegradable, making them convenient and eco-friendly. (Source: Amazon)



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