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COMMONWEALTH Brewery Limited is exploring solar energy and eco-friendly packaging to advance the company’s sustainability agenda.

The company is examining their value chain and product packaging design to ensure it takes a holistic approach to becoming climate positive and investing in eco-friendly products.

CBL began their green energy transition as part of its Environmental and Responsibility Strategy by onboarding Electric Vehicles (EVs) into its Nassau fleet.

“Incorporating clean energy technology into our operations remains a priority, particularly with the increased frequency of hurricanes and impending climate impacts,” said Kendria Ferguson, corporate relations and sustainability manager.

“Establishing a reliable and resilient energy network for our operations is critical to maintaining jobs and contributing to the local economy.”

Engineering manager, Edbert Beneby, said CBL is committed to aligning with the current world standards.

He said: “CBL is committed to aligning with the current world standards of reducing its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Electrical power is crucial to our production processes and contributes up to 40% of our total power requirements.

“The current high cost of electrical power and the looming potential of continuing cost increases presents CBL with the opportunity to invest in renewable energy sources, which will help control operating costs, keeping our company viable and competitive in the local market.”

CBL’s Clifton Pier location is where several well known customers’ favorites are brewed, bottled and packaged, including KALIK, Guinness, Eclipse, Ricardo Rum and Vitamalt.

In 2021, CBL transitioned to a ‘one-way’ glass bottle which uses up to 30 percent less glass to produce and is more environmentally friendly, as the previous glass return programme presented low return rates and sun-baked labels, rendering most of the bottles unusable.

Philippa Huyler, procurement manager, said the company is adopting eco-friendly materials that allow them to maintain the look and feel that consumers value.

“We live our Heineken values of ‘care for people and planet’. Keeping sustainability at the forefront of our innovations extends throughout our Procurement processes. Therefore, we are adopting eco-friendly materials that allow us to maintain the look and feel of our packaging and the value that we all love,” Ms Huyler said.

CBL’s investment in renewable energy is one of several initiatives the Brewery is implementing to reduce its carbon emissions and contribute to Heineken’s global ambition to decarbonise its production by 2030 and its total value chain by 2040.

The brewery remains committed to doing its part to assist the country and government in fulfilling its sustainable development goals, strengthening the local energy sector and reducing the negative environmental impacts of waste products. 


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